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To Explain on Useful Material of Crushing Machine

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

At some point every aggregate miner is going to have to deal with the need to crush minerals. Therefore, purchasing a high quality, reliable crusher can be well worth the investment.Hongxing company has created substantial achievements through self-innovation.30 tph gold ore processing plant Outstanding quality,innovation idea, honesty and customer monarch has been set as the operate principle, this principle has winned customer’s approve but also gained some experience and the booster of China market Shanghai Leiyou is mainly managed to deal with the stone crushing machine and screening equipment.

Mine crusher is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry in Africa. China mining machinery crusher is earliest one that enters into Africa, and favored by the African people. 10 years ago, the competition in international trade is increasingly fierce, domestic raw material prices continued to climb, and explored the African market became one of our development priorities.

The head of the Hongxing said even though the mining equipment manufacturer springing up overnight,but small companies are just equipped with obsolete technics which are discarded in America, not even competitive in China. In addition, another leap development of mining equipment mark the higher level of enhancement in technical. You will be never grow lacking innovation and hanging around. The present technics are no more meet the customer requirement and they demanded more and more.

Mining crushers serve to process larger minerals and turn them into smaller pieces. Many aggregate miners own this type of equipment and some do not. It is possible for a miner to win more clients by simply offering to crush the already abstracted materials as a separate service. Some miners have a mineral processing plant in their local area to which they can send the minerals to be processes.

The Advanced Design on Low Consumption of Ball Mill

Saturday, April 27th, 2013

The common stoppage of the Raymond mill: the host mill’s current and the temperature is raising, and the fan’s current decline.

Reason: The feeding is excessive, duct is jammed, pipe exhaust is not free, cycle airstream fever which makes high temperature of the machine and lord of the current, but fan current decline

Removal Methods: (1) reduce the inlet amount, clear away of the powder in the air duct

(2) open the ductwork valve wide, control the temperature of the materials below 6 ℃

Manufacturing is the main sector of industry. Raymond ball mill high-end equipment is an important foundation of the development of manufacturing, and also a concentrated reflection of the development of national manufacturing levels. At present, the driving force and the environment of China”s industrial development are undergoing profound changes, and Chinese industry has entered a critical period when only speeding up transformation and upgrading can promote development.Manufacturing industry directly reflects the level of a country”s productivity and it is an important factor to differ developing and developed countries. The manufacturing occupies an important share of the national economy of the developed countries, and the mining machinery industry also occupies temporarily indispensable location in the manufacturing sector. The professional mining machinery manufactures should commit to the exploration and study of the milling equipment and make their own contribution to the development of the manufacturing.

Raymond milling machine is called raymond mill for short, it is a very important grinding equipment and come from outside the country, now in China has developed. What’s the common stoppage that is caused in the process of using the Raymond mill? And how to solve them?

Experts generally believe that Raymond Mill must walk to efficiency and low consumption, and automated direction in powder industry. We should carry out effective management through the condition monitoring and microcomputer automatic control device. To achieve stability, we should rationally study the wear resistance of the various accessories and improve the lubrication between the machine bearings which under continuous work. In order to achieve the goal of high efficiency and low consumption, and technical staff research, analysis and compare the crushing and grinding energy consumption and design new process, that is, reach the goal of reducing fragmentation, reducing costs, and enhancing enterprise market competitiveness with technology though reducing the final product particle size of fragmentation products, increasing the content of the fine-grained level product and greatly improving the handling capacity of the mill.

To Show the Main Features of Magnetic Separator

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

High strength magnetic separator can be dedicated to refining limonite and hematite. Hongxing high strength magnetic separator can be used for separation low grade and weak magnetic limonite and hematite, and improve the grade of 3-7% at once; it solves perfectly the problem that low-grade limonite, hematite cannot be smelting and is difficult to sell. It can also produce considerable economic benefits, and is one investment little, getting effective fast project.

Mineral magnetic is the basis of mineral magnetic separation, Because of the nature of the atomic structure of the different material, it has different magnetic atoms. The magnetic material is from the magnetic atoms. In Physics, substance is divided into three categories: reverse magnetism, the magnetic, ferromagnetism (ferrous magnetic, the ferromagnetic)

Through the above process, I believe that you have got a general understanding on the entire process of mining. It is necessary to sampling if you want to know whether the mine you want to buy is worth its mining price, and do the ore separation clarity in the laboratory of professional sector. Finally, find mineral processing factory to equip beneficiation process, mineral processing equipment and post-installation work.

The thickening or classification equipment of the aforementioned old inclined plate ( inclined tube) relies on the shallow subsidence to shorten the falling distance and falling time of the particles, which can significantly improve the handling capacity of per unit area of the equipment that once formed a high tide of the promotion and application at home and abroad. However, with the extension of the usage time, the drawbacks of such devices are gradually becoming apparent, which mainly show uneven fabric between the board. In addition, the bond slime on the board can not decline freely so that the gap between the boards is blocked, which affect the normal production until it can not be used.

Magnetic manufactures make you know more about high strength Magnetic separator which is just one sort of mining sand maker such as cone crusher, hammer crusher and compound crusher:

Advantages of high strength magnetic separator: high strength magnet in the surface of cylinder, big magnetic wrap angle, stable magnetic strength and reliable driveline; it can significantly improve the ore grade.

The Advanced Design of Experts on Sand Washer

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

The Artificial sand washer is a kind of wet type Sand washing equipment . It can wash out the trace amounts of mountain flour and impurities in the mixed sands made by the sand makers to improve the quality of the products.

Working Principle of Sand Washer:

When the sand washer is working, the engine driven by the V belt, reduction gears and the gear reducer rotates slowly, with the gravel impeller getting into the tank. In the impeller, the sands roll and abrade, till the impurities are eliminated.

The Sand washer is a kind of highly efficient Sand washing plant , taking the advanced techniques and the domestic physical conditions together into consideration. It has the advantages of reasonable structure and high productivity. During the washing process, few sands run off. As the best choice in the sand washing industry, the transmission part separated from water and sands makes the fault rate much lower than the commonly used Mineral sand washer .

Meanwhile, if added some water, the impurities and foreign matters produced by the machine will get out from the exit with some water.

To Design One Crusher for Construction Waste Solving

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Sand maker is the most common used equipment in the cement works, in the production process, the quality of the finished sand and sand fineness modulus are mostly measured by human experience or sampling by drying, screening points, weighing and other discrimination; the old method, on the one hand, has large error and unreliability; on the other hand, sampling weighing although has accurate determination, it takes long measurement time, cannot be subject to feedback regulation, and increases artificial workload. With the increasing demand of the mechanism sand, it also put forward higher requirements on the mechanism sand standard.

The wheel type Mobile crusher is a kind of new and convenient construction waste crushing product, which is designed and developed based on the domestic market quotations. It has strong adaptability and can be composed flexible. The wheel type mobile crusher has a variety of configurations, and the users can choose the configuration according to their special needs. Both of the “screening after crushing” and the “crushing after screening” are available. What’s more, the crushing and the screening can be used alone. The wheel type mobile crusher not only can be combined into two-stage crushing & screening system with coarse crushing and fine crushing and three-stage crushing & screening system with coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing, but also can be run independently, which shows the strong flexibility of wheel type mobile crusher.

The hydraulic double roll crusher combined the advantages of the traditional roll crusher and the working principles of the rolling machine. In addition, this kind of machine makes full use of the design concept of mechanical, electrical hydraulic integration to make the crushing efficiency and stability of the products significantly improved. The hydraulic system pressure is stable and it is easy to adjust, so it is more secure and reliable. It is the preferred equipment in the cement and mining industry.

When the swing speed of the moving cone is lower, the particles first do freely falling body movement. With the increase of swing speed of the moving cone, the crushing number of the particles gradually increases. After crushing, the grain size of the product will be getting smaller and smaller.

The Bright Future Brought by Cement Rotary Kiln

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

In recent years, the unstructured grid is widely applied in the measurement of cement rotary kiln and gets rapid development; it fundamentally eliminates the limited effect caused by grid nodes; because nodes as well as the composition of unit are casual, so you can better deal with boundary problem; unstructured grid is formed due to the optimization of cement rotary kiln, thus the grid has high quality, flexible and diversified distribution and convenient control.

The unstructured grid that applies in the actual production of cement rotary kiln is composed by arbitrary triangular or tetrahedral grid, under normal circumstances, this kind of structure model is also referred to as a hybrid grid; when it comes the wide application to cement rotary kiln production, we can put it to the measurement ability, irregular change, good flexibility and practical applicability.

But after long actual operation and test on cement rotary kiln, we also find some shortcomings, that is the arrangement of grid is not very regular, requiring to set up the corresponding data structure to detect the relationship between the cells, then we should better control the grid spacing and shape so that it can reduce a corresponding working part .

Cement makes limestone and clay as main crude materials, these materials through fine crushing and grinding to be made into raw material, and then be fed in the cement kiln and calcined into mature material, by adding a moderate amount of gypsum to be made into cement after fine grinding.

Cement is calcined in the cement kiln, and cement kiln can be divided into vertical kiln and rotary kiln , between which,vertical kiln has been eliminated now. Rotary kiln consists of kiln body, support device, block roller bearing device, transmission device, moving kiln head, sealing device, burning device and other parts.

The Key Penetration to Sand Production Line

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

The sand production line meets various needs of national high-speed materials because its high production efficiency and handling intensity, low power consumption and noise, which makes finished stones in uniform particle size and shape of grain good.

Besides the products” excellent quality, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd. has provided customs with the complete sets of service system of pre-sale, sale and after-sale and customs can get free site measurement, design and installation. Hongxing heavy industry configurates the process according to customers” production scene strives to provide customers with the most reasonable and economical production line make all customs rest assured.

With China”s rapid economic rise and great progress in the advancement of technology, the use of sand production line equipment in various fields is increasing, and supporting equipment of new applications are innovated continuously, which plays an increasingly important role. After years of development, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co.,Ltd. has made sand makers with international advanced level match other series of products of company to design a full set of sand production line, which has deservedly become a flagship product. Hongxing sand production line with a full set of equipment can provide you with comprehensive technical support. The sand production line usually consists of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, sand maker, vibrating screen, sand washer, belt conveyor and centrally electric control equipment, etc.Hongxing sand production line with a full set of equipment has been successfully used in aggregates of variety of materials, such as all kinds of hard limestones, granite, basalt, cobble stones, etc and artificial sand making operations. The sand production line also applies to water and electricity, building material, highway, urban construction, and other industries. The company can also reintegrate various types of equipment according to different technical requirements to meet different requirements for process of customers.

Hongxing sand production with a full set of equipment has a high degree of automation. All links of the the whole production line are finished by production except the boot, shutdown and routine maintenance of the equipment by manual operation.

To Record the Achievement on Mining Development

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Compared with the no-guide blade flotation machine, it increases the inspiratory capacity without additional electricity consumption. Moreover, the amount of the air flowing into the machine is related with the negative pressure created by the inbetween of the impeller and the stator. The negative pressure reaches its summit when the clearance between the impeller and the stator maintains from 6 to 10 mm. in order to control the amount of the inhalation, one can control the screw rod 9 to change the size of circulation port 8 so as to regulate the circulating ore pulp volume. Normally, the aeration quantity is maximal when the volume is one to two times the original volume.

The aeration equipment of the stick wheeled flotation machine consists of the oblique rod mill and boss. Due to its features, when rotating, the linear speed of the oblique rod mill becomes higher the lower of it, and this causes a rather violent stirring. The boss is installed under the oblique rod wheel, whose function is to prevent the pulp from forming eddy at the bottom of the oblique rod mill, ensuring the mixture of the ore pulp and the air to spread away along its back presented as “W” that has enlarged the vacuum degree of the oblique rod wheel area. Because the pulp rushes around the chute like a W shape, therefore there’s little dead space and the capacity utilization is high.

After liberation, from 20 century to the mid-1950s, China has successively developed dozens of flotation machines since copying the Michalis Noble flotation machine from the Soviet Union. They can be counted from mechanical flotation machine to inflatable mechanical flotation machine, from small type flotation machine to large-scale flotation machine, from coarse-grained sorting flotation machine to fine-grained sorting flotation machine, from common flotation machine to specialized flotation machine. The research work of these aspects all has made considerable progress, and various flotation machines have realized seriation that basically satisfies production requirements from different dressing plants. From the flotation machine’s application, it can be used in roughing, scavenging as well as concentration, some are used in pre-selected operation of the grinding and classification circuit. There are ladder layout and plane layout, especially the combined unit that has perfected the flotation machine and enhanced the special terrain configuration as well as the equipment renewal and adaptability of the old plant.

The working principles of the mechanical and air sell-priming flotation machine (including the impeller and stick wheeled flotation machine) are primarily the same: utilizing the negative pressure produced by the impeller or stick wheel during their rotation, inhaling air via the quill shaft and then diffusing to bubbles. Depending on the violent stirring and projection, the air bubbles are fully mixed with the ore pulp.

The chief difference between the impeller flotation machine and stick wheeled flotation machine basically lies in the inflatable equipment: the inflatable equipment of the impeller flotation machine is comprised of the impeller and the hydraulic cover (known as stator). Besides, the guide blade on the hydraulic cover is similar to the director of the centrifuge.

To Reduce the Material Wasted on Production

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

The iron content is 35%-40%, which can be up to 50%, harmful impurities S, P content is usually higher. China”s proven reserves of limonite 1.23 billion tons, accounting for 2.3% of proven iron ore reserves. Mainly distributed in Yunnan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Shandong, Guizhou and Fujian. Limonite is rich of crystallization water, we usually use physical beneficiation methods, but iron ore grade is difficult to reach 60.00%. As siderite, the calcination loss on ignition is greater and can significantly improve the grade of iron concentrate. Limonite easily argillization in the grinding process and is difficult to obtain a higher metal recover rate.

Research results show that fine-grained exposing iron ore – 10mm grain grade limonite dry magnetic separation throwing tail, which can make the limonite ore grade over 50.00%. Ore recovery rate exceeds 86.00%. They took further commercial application – T magnetic separation of -25 mm to +10 mm, grain size with strong magnetic separator CRIMMs-φ100 – IOOO-ll thin persons permanent magnet roller, the -10 mm size were used CRIMMs – φ150 – φ100 of IO00 -1 3 type, and RIMM–1 000 -1.1-type rare earth permanent magnet roller strong magnetic separator once a rough time selection of dry magnetic separation tailing.

Red Star Nonferrous Metals Company which is major in producing the hammer crusher, cone crusher, compound crusher, ball mill and vibrating screen owns Phoenix Mountains of copper ore, after flotation, low intensity magnetic separation, the tailings contain large quantities of siderite and has not been recovered over the years. Studies have shown that the Sbp wet high intensity magnetic separation machine is able to make total iron grade 44. 20qo (loss on ignition of iron 58. 00%), recoveries of 29. 91% of the low phosphorus low sulfur, self-melting iron concentrate, which is used for smelting.

At present, the key to siderite roasting is the development of large magnetization reduction roasting equipment, including precise control of low and medium temperature in kiln and weak reductive atmosphere. Besides, the complementary of fuel and reductant, as well as energy efficient combustion system design. All of them is the further research direction. Limonite is brown mixtures of variety natural minerals, of which the moisture iron oxide is the main component. Most is aphanitic goethite mixed with lepidocrocite, hematite, quartz, clay, containing adsorbed water andcapillary water.

To Deal with the Problems Appearing in Production

Monday, April 15th, 2013

The rotary kiln under the action of raw materials in the friction with the wall together rises slowly, when it was turned to a certain height. I.e. the horizon of raw material surface layer is equal to the viewpoint of the formation of the accumulation of raw material, the raw materials particles falls because of gravity; it slides along the material layer.

The rotary kiln as one of the main drying equipment, its usage is very wide: building material, metallurgy, chemical, environmental protection and other industries. It is also widely used for turning round of solid materials machinery, physical or chemical processing. The rotary kiln can be used to burn the cement forging outside, it can still be used to forge the clay, limestone and slag drying, etc. Fire-proof material production, the rotary kiln forging the raw material, makes its size stability, increase strength, and then process molding. Non-ferrous and black metallurgy, iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, tin, nickel, tungsten, chromium, file metal, which can be used in smelting equipment in rotary kiln of minerals, concentrate, intermediate objects of sintering, roasting.

Because the rotary kiln have certain gradient, and raw materials particles rolling, the biggest direction along the slope down, so it moves forward a certain distance. When raw materials in the stove move, the raw material of particle movement way is cyclical change, or buried in material layer inside and kiln movement together, or to the material on the surface layer and came down. But only in the raw material along the surface layer of particles landing in the process, it can grow along the kiln direction. Raw materials in the stove movement will affect the raw materials in the residence time of furnace (namely raw material heating time); raw materials in the filling coefficient of furnace (namely raw material heated area); Turning the size of materials, also affect the uniformity of raw materials (namely affect combustion products and raw material surface temperature).