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Outdoor survival experience introduced

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Set hunting, hunting of wild animals must first know the animal’s habitat, to master the laws of animal life, then to take the pressure of hunting or fishing, the trapper card and shooting. This needs to be done under the guidance of experts, after a longer period of training and practice to truly master. Just short of edible insects and edible wild boarders plant species, edible.

Edible insects, people in the world eat insects, snails, earthworms, ants, cicadas, cockroaches, crickets, butterflies, locusts sub grasshopper Meng Lake flies, spiders, praying mantis. Although not used to eat insects, and even disgusted, but in the case of a last resort, to sustain life, maintain combat effectiveness, and then complete the task, does not prevent a try. Note, however, must be cooked or baked through, so as not to the insect parasites enter the body, leading to poisoning or illness.

How to use the method of “food”, common edible insects, locusts, dip sauce, grilled food, boiled or fried; mantis: You can also go grilled or fried, boiled, wings; dragonfly: fried food: cicada: ants eat or fried: fried, delicious; the spider: delete foot grilled food, termites: can be eaten raw or fried pine moth larvae are also edible; centipede: fried, but it tasted good; beetles: the larvae can be eaten raw or roasted, grilled food.

Edible plants edible wild plants, including edible wild fruit, vegetables, algae, lichens, mushrooms. Identification of edible wild plants is a bottom-up knowledge in the field of main content. China has a vast territory, the growth of various plants can be eaten alone, there are about 2,000 species. Our common edible berries: grape, uliginosum black blind fruit, the Mao berry, sea buckthorn, torches fruit, myrtle, Elaeagnus Vaccinium, P. emblica, especially wild chestnuts, coconuts, papaya easier to identify, having a good emergency life-saving food. Common wild sow thistle, dandelion, Houttuynia, purslane, thorn grass, shepherd’s purse, wild amaranth, broom and vegetables, water chestnuts, lotus root, reeds, moss. Wild vegetables can be eaten raw, fried, cooking food and boiling water immersion.

However, most people need the guidance of experts, after a period of training, knowledge, and here one of the easiest to identify wild plants toxic and non-toxic method to use in case of emergency. Usually collect plants to cut a small hole, add a little salt, then carefully observe whether or not to change the original color, usually discolored plants can not eat

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The real cs Field field shooting skills

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Do anything are skilful, and in many skills, shooting skills are up to is the most basic.

Shooting techniques by categorizing them, we can roughly be divided into the following four categories: 1, Akira playing around. 2 squatting play. 3, jumping and playing. 4, around the half-circle shooting. Now I will turn to introduce the five shooting skills.

Around Akira fight, CS shooting skills the most basic kinds of a firing mode, no matter what the gun can be used in this way to shoot. But the use of this technique, the environment, there are certain requirements, around the body as much as possible to a wide, because in the process of shaking, shaking around the distance is not good to avoid a certain gap, so if your body around objects such as walls or boxes, once hit, you’ll become a stationary target, and most people at this time is often not the first time to respond, and the enemy can seize this opportunity you killed instantly. Moreover, this hit will upset you shake the rhythm of play, even if the enemy is not the first time you killed, you also very difficult to restore the rhythm of a second attack.

Akira dozen or so apply this place is a lot of, for example, DUST2 point A platform, and Avenue A at the end of the downhill, similar to this around open, you can use this technique around Akira play.

To say the following advanced techniques around Akira play. With the real world, the world of CS, but also there is inertia, we can do an experiment, holding the AWP open mirror to move to the left, and then release the left arrow to shoot at the same time, we can clearly see, The bullet did not hit where we targeted, so you can determine the moment of release the hand, the body is still in motion. Then there is no way it can be solved? The answer is yes. And just same method began to move, release the left arrow key while pressing the right and shoot, so that the bullets will have to play in our targeted offset inertia, but using this method, you need to have a good time sense, because only that fraction of a second is in the off state, it can be said is the character in a quiescent state, Once this time is exceeded, then the character will move in the opposite direction. This technique not only applies to the AWP, can be applied to any bursts of firearms, such as AK or M4, we can use this method for 2 rounds to three rounds short burst, to ensure that every action can successfully achieve this, but also have a good sense of rhythm and sense of operation, once the hands of hell broke loose, this series of actions will your lives to each other.

In CS, many people like telling anyone squatting, in fact, squat benefits is that sight becomes smaller, improve shooting accuracy, but there are all sorts of less than squatting shot, for example, squatting shot itself is not move, in the eyes of the enemy, is a fixed target, a lot of experts favorite deal is squatting shot, because they do not move, so it is aiming or shooting are very easy, so shoot squatting shot person headshot rate is very high, followed, if in close encounter squatting emitted completely around Luanhuang playing, because such other mouse is difficult to locate, especially slow mouse user, is almost impossible to keep up with the enemy movement speed. Finally died, will squatting shot of the players. Since there are so many less than squatting shot is not that we do not go to use this technique it. But it is not that there is reasonable, squatting shot also has its own advantages, the first is to improve the accuracy of a excellent marksmanship people tend to like squatting shot, especially in the middle distance, such as AZTEC suspension bridge in two, this area due to or so wide, so I can not use the left and right Akira fight, squatting shot is a good choice, because of distance, the accuracy of the gun has fallen, so we squat down in order to improve accuracy in the ideal position squatting shot the side of the stone, revealing only the half of the body or even less, you can squat shot.

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The use of the terrain of the real cs field skills

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

First, the use of terrain
Fighting should clever use of the terrain, adopt a flexible combat action, combat missions to complete. Terrain aimed concealed body of firepower. Use of terrain, you do the “three easy, three do not avoid. “Easy”: Even in the observation and shooting, the purpose of concealment body, easy to close, use and changing positions; “Do not”: that is, do not hinder long command class (group), o soldiers shooting of firearms, not a few people crowded in together, so as not to increase the casualties, do not stay too long in one place; avoid: the day to avoid the independent, obviously, flammable, easily collapsed objects and lots that are difficult to access. Use of terrain, appropriate posture should be based on the enemy’s situation and the level of the shelter, quickly hidden close to occupy the bottom-up, meticulous observation, seize the opportunity to out of the gun. The following describes the use of several vision terrain.

(A) use Hom
Hom vertical, horizontal and low points. Horizontal Hom to take advantage of the back the enemy hidden surface of the body, to make use of the curved portion, incomplete, or one side of the top of the vertical Hom concealed the body, with its upper edge to do the shooting relying on. Ridge best use of the incomplete portion, the recess on the weir day. Li, kneeling, lying posture is desirable according to the height of the sill. Near the sill, usually leap. When the intake to Hom sheltered sector, quickly lie down, then crawl to the bottom of the ridge, as the case can move around, choose well-equipped to take advantage of the site. Occupation, occupation, bottom-up the covert observation needs to shoot, they should quickly out of the gun. Occupation, should continue to observe the battlefield, choose a good forward line and where it was paused. Transfer, quickly closing the gun-shrinking body, as the case may be taken to move around, Yang soil smokescreen to deceive, confuse the enemy, suddenly leaps (a) forward. When I suppress enemy fire, can be directly leaps forward (out).

(B) use mound
The independent soil letters usually use its right, as the case may also make use of the left side or the top. Double mound can take advantage of the Ministry of the draft. Anti-aircraft fire, usually the back or top. Close to the occupation, transfer the action and use Hom phase similar.

(C) the use of pit
The pit is usually the front section concealed body use its upper edge for shooting relying on their depth, size, jump, cross, creeping into the shooting take the stand, kneeling, lying posture. Jumped into the usually is deeper pit in using. The essentials right hand holding a gun, left hand stays pit along advantage of the opportunity to jump into the pit. Entering is usually adopted in the shallow pit. The essentials are close to the pit along the left foot into the rapidly take advantage of the side in the pit. Rolled into the essentials is to lie down quickly rolled into the pit along, and then into the observation. Transfer, should be based on the depth of the pit, take a different approach, suddenly leaps forward.

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Reality cs field laser the laser warfare tactics Rules

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

The real game field, emphasizing the individual’s sense of honor and team spirit, the rules according to the site, the task-dependent, but the other rules are basically the same.
Dead, shot: the enemy hit game helmet, body vest any laser receiver point of death (life), each participant.

1, automatic surrender: personal automatic guns of the game surrounded by fire or fault occurs, such as death.

2 dead, killed by the enemy all the value of life, the life value of zero, a doctor rushed to rescue their players will die, otherwise, the enemy can capture (the value of life, as the case may be, usually five HP ).

3 dead in his head and his withdrawal: their doctors, the rapid retreat of the position, do not look quickly with the help of stealing intelligence, and teachers, security forces will be equipped with removable back-up team.

4, do not be killed in the shooting, there were no medical personnel ambulance stood there, told me to die, move, or can be found in the player-coach of the deceased.
In the six-day race, the two sides at a distance of 2 m, 1 m, night fire, laser gun fails, players should withdraw its combat Instructor assisting return to base, capture the enemy can not be implemented

Safety rules: in the field of process, should ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma and other serious diseases are not allowed to participate in the war game, the two sides will not fight, do dangerous climbing, jumping, off-road activities shall not exceed the battlefield, there is no armed struggle, support, non-gun clip, bolt, pull the trigger, laser gun disassembly must find a mentor and base, no disassembly ambush, ambush should not be more than 15 minutes, the security line is a mined areas, high pressure, issued in accordance with the law of any situation!

6, each battle: game categories based on the 30 – 50 minutes, until the time of the withdrawal of combat, the treatment of victims and announced the winners.

7, the value of life: life experience to play – 5 — 6 – 10, life stages of development — 3 life, war — 1 life

8 Note: The team arrived on-site base teachers and their commanders should be strictly enforced at all levels of command, conscientiously study and understanding of the rules of the game, with a laser gun field, develop skills, safety precautions, arrogant, rude, implementation of the rules of the game, do not participate in the field, teachers may be illegal export of players referee.

Controversy: the game case of a dispute, should be excluded by the lecturer, the ruling party has no objection to.

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