The Reform Work of Beneficiation Technology in Mining

China is rich in mineral resources. However, according to their characteristics, when exploiting and utilizing, we have to do the careful ore dressing machinery. After China was approved into the World Trade Organization, the market competition in the country is fiercer. As the basis of the mining machinery industry, mining ore dressing machine has gone into the fast developing period. Especially in this year, the cycle of the updating and upgrading of mineral processing equipment is shorter and shorter; competition between the manufacturers has gradually developed to other countries.

Ore beneficiation machines develop together with ore dressing technology with technology as the lead and machine as the foundation. The emergence of a new type of mining equipment often brings about reform of beneficiation technology.

Nowadays mineral resources are being constantly exploited and resource pressures have become increasingly prominent. Extensive mineral processing and the reducing resources are in contradiction, so the market needs more sophisticated beneficiation process urgently. The development of iron ore concentration plant should timely adjust itself toward the finer direction. To improve the utilization of ore and to increase the recovery rate of the ore tailings are the focus of future development for manufacturers.

But the government acknowledges in the paper that it cannot pull off the beneficiation strategy without “intensive co-ordination” across a range of departments, particularly mineral resources, economic development, trade and industry, science and technology, public enterprises, energy and the treasury, as well as business and labour. The beneficiation paper cites access to raw materials at developmental prices, infrastructure (access, costs and logistics), limited innovation and, more broadly, research and development and the shortage of critical skills as constraints to implementation.

At this stage, iron ore concentration plants are most of two kinds: re-election plant and flotation cell. But the utilization of this kind of equipment is generally low, which cannot meet the requirements. And integrated beneficiation mobile station is of poor mobility, which cannot meet a variety of beneficiation environment. So in the future, the beneficiation mobile stations should vigorously adopt the splicing technology to adapt to a variety of devices and to enhance their handling.

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