Application and Composition of HXJQ Shaking Table

Shaking table can be used in the ore-dressing practices, such as rough selection, elaborate selection, and scavenging. It also can select and sort coarse sand (2-0.5mm),fine sand(0.5-0.074mm),slime (-0.074) and other different particle sizes. What is more, shaking table can be used for sorting iron, manganese ore and coal. When dealing with tungsten, tin and other minerals, its effective recovery size is 2-0.02 mm.

Down to check, first remove the elbow next to the two boards, with one hand hold the first large pulley, the other hand to swing sway bar, under normal circumstances, only more difficult to swing, not swinging around. If the contrast is not fixed, then the sway bars to live. This species is not easy to produce in the production of abnormal noise.

The shaking table has good operation curve, the deck is smooth, flat, wear resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, moisture and deformation resistance, the shaking table is stable running, easy operation and adjustment, high separation rate and clear mineral separation distribution. Widely used for tin, lead, bismuth, tungsten, titanium, tantalum, niobium, manganese, gold, rare earth ores etc colored or black mineral concentration, the feed size can be 2mm to 0.019mm.

Hongxing shaking table is composed of three parts, deck, head motion and sliding device, the deck is made up of frame and feeding launder. And it is divided into coarse sand deck, fine sand deck and grooving deck. According to the particle size of mineral to selecting the appropriate deck ( see schedule). The deck supported by sliding device, connected with head motion by a hook, the head motion drives the deck makes continuous reciprocation motion to get concentration purpose. The head motion designed by the eccentric shaft drives the eccentric wheel to push the arm of rocking bar, the arm drives the T-head screw, cause to the T-head screw make reciprocating motion. The bearing lubrication of head motion using ZQSN5-5-5 material, the factures are small noise and rotating flexible. The sliding device is primarily designed for regulation of mineral processing required slope, using the hand wheel adjusts the tilt pallets to get the required slope.

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