Hongxing has accumulated rich experience in the theory

Due to the overcapacity of cement industry, it needs to look for new way. The cement industry has a close relation to the construction industry. The related data show that the average per 1 ton of cement is necessary to match the consumption of five tons or more of sand and gravel aggregate. As the adjacent industry of gravel aggregate, the development of cement industry has its peculiar advantage. Some cement companies has turned the supply direction to the railways, roads and other construction project. The cement industry is also gradually transformed to gravel aggregate industry which also has important implications for the optimal use of domestic resources.
Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of mining equipment ; our company can provide excellent production equipment for the sandstone manufacturers and cement companies. The machinery and equipment produced by our company are manufactured with domestic and foreign advanced science and technology. It has the advanced design concepts and combines with domestic production status. This equipment is the leader of domestic mining equipment. We have manufactured the cement Ball mill , Sand maker and Hydraulic cone crusher for the cement industry. Through decades of production experience, Hongxing has accumulated rich experience in the theory and production of mining equipment. The manufacturing processes and technology have matured; my company’s product quality is affirmed and praised by international customers.
As we all know, ball mill is the key equipment to grind the material. Each beneficiation process cannot without the grind of material. The important role of ball mill determines the quite speed of its replacement. With the rapid development of national economic, the beneficiation equipment industry also faces with the huge development opportunity. Many mining machinery manufacturers try their best to increase the innovation ability and research the suitable ball mill for the society. The new type ball mill produced by Henan Hongxing stands out from this industry and becomes the first choices for customers.

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