The foreign market has a high demand on crushers


At present, the foreign market has a high demand on crushers, especially Southeast Asia, Africa and other areas. These areas have a large amount of developing countries which is in the process of developing rapidly, at the same time, much infrastructure is under construction, such as road, raileway, housing building, and these industries need a large amount of crushers, so the price is the important factor of choosing crushers. For the developed countries, China’s crushers rather meet their demand, which provides opportunity for entering into the foreign market. Hongxing experts point out our crushing industry is in the stage of developing rapidly, at the same time, we make significant progress in technical innovation, energy consumption reduction, service life increased, which provides a basis for entering into the foreign market,
We are given to understand that adequate labor resources and superior policies in our country offer good protection for developing high-end manufacturing industry. At present, some small firms achieves the rising based on these advantages, for example, Hongxing is a typical firm. Hongxing founded in 1986 is as unknown small factory, and the shortage of manpower and capital make Hongxing weak in development. Based on the support from the government and the export of high-tech labor, Hongxing creates many honors in crushing industry in less than five years. Hammer and plate of Jaw crusher and hammer of fine crusher has won national patents.
With the rapid development of economy, the continuous demand on energy resources and the increasing price of other resources stimulate increasing of cost price in manufacturing, and the mining machinery has also been a major blow. On one hand, the advanced countries returns to the manufacturing, on the other hand, the developing countries catch up. So China’s mining machinery industry is facing the double pressures.

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