Magnetic Separator Price For Hematite Iron Ore Concentration

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Magnetic Separator Price

1: Capacity 10-120t/h

2: ISO&OEM provided

3: High magnetic indution

4: High Effective

Magnetite iron ore Magnetic Separotor price

We can provide both wet magnetic separator and dry magnetic separator,single drum magnetic separator and the capacity can be designed according to your requirements, and our magnetic separator has been exported to wordwide such as Philippines, Indonesia, South America, etc

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CT series wet drum permanent magnetic separator is usually used for sorting fine-grained magnetic minerals, or removing strong magnetic elementsfrom non-magnetic minerals. With a deep magnetic field, the machine can make a continuous row of mineralfeed and discharge. It also has enough working clearance and high processing capacity.

Structure of magnetic separator price:

CT serieswet drum permanent magnetic separator consists of magnetic drum,drum separators tank body, frame, feed box, discharge box (ore concentrate box), flushing water pipe, drive motor, gear box, control box, etc.

The magnetic drum is made of stainless steel (thickness: 5 mm) and covered with wear resistant rubber.

Working principle of magnetic separator price:

Whentheraw mineralpulpflowintothetank, under the force of the magneticfield,magnetic conveyorsthe iron magnetite materials are attracted to the surfaceofthedrum. Then along with the rotation of drum, the iron magnetite materials on the surface of drum will finally leave the magnetic field area and fall to the ore concentrate box under gravity. Also, the flushing water above helps to flush the iron magnetite materials into the ore concentrate box. The weak magnetic and non-magnetic materials can not beattracted and will flow to the discharge opening for tailings.

Application of magnetic separator price:

The drum Magnetic separator is usually equipped with two kinds of tanks, which are called down current tank (CTS series) and semi-counter current tank (CTB series).

CTS series down current tank is applicable to rougher flotation and concentration of minerals with size: 0~10 mm.

CTB series semi-counter current tank is applicable to rougher flotation and concentration of minerals with size: 0~1 mm.

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