The enterprises should gradually expread their development


However, the soaring steel prices in the past two years undoubtedly increase some bad influence on the machinery industry, which makes a gradual decline of the profits in the machinery industry. That how to get rid of such difficulties and how can we meet the current state of development undoubtedly require the government to introduce new policies to encourage the crusher manufacturers . And the crusher manufacturers should also increase income and reduce expenditure and make full use of every capital. Moreover, the reformation of the present status of the enterprises should be made to adapt to the current state of the economy. In management, the enterprises should take the manageable way; in products,it should take the high-tech development direction, promoting the enterprises to head to the direction of large-scale ,standardization and take the path of sustainable development.
Furthermore, the enterprises should gradually expread their development, ranging from China to the global, taking the path of internationalization to integrate with international machinery industry and making the products internationalization and branding. In China, only a few large manufacturers are practicing this way, constantly making trials and innovation, which fully proves that our crusher industry are reforming and gradually getting rid of single marketing and management mode. It is a good sign, which requires companies, in sales model and the quality of products as well as high-tech, to integrate with the international community. The government should issue a series of policies to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to study the management and marketing model from the large-scale enterprise, trying to take the path of sustainable development.

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