Homogenization system is featured with simple operation


Homogenization of raw material is composed of intermittence homogenization system and continuous homogenization system.
Features and Applicable Enterprise
Continuous homogenization system is featured with simple operation, convenient management and operation, easy automatic control. But the homogenization effects of Intermittence homogenization system are pretty good. Homogenization system of cement kiln is determined by the following factors: fluctuations of the raw material constitute, the scale of factory, automation control level and the requirements for quality of Rotary kiln raw material. When the fluctuation of raw material constitutes is little especially there is no preblending bed factory, you can adopt continuous homogenization system and automation control level to this system. When the fluctuation of raw material constitutes is big, the small and medium-size enterprises with low level of measurements control equipment should adopt intermittence homogenization system. In addition, more material circulation homogenization base, multi-base collocation and mechanical type have also been regarded as the homogenization approach of small-size cement kiln enterprise.

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