Hot Sale Aerated Concrete Block Production Line

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1.Hot Sale Aerated Concrete Block Production Line Compact configuration

2.High efficiency

3.Suitable price with good qualiy

Aerated Concrete Block Quote

50-300 thousandm3 Autoclaved Aerated Concrete block(AAC )

Aerated Autoclaved Concrete AAC Plant mainly includes 5 sections as below:

1.raw material section
-Jaw crusher,Aerated Concrete Block Production Line bucket elevator,small jaw crusher for saleelectromagnetic feeder,ball mill,slurry pump,rotary screen,etc.
2.pouring section
-lime,jaw crushers south africa>cement silo, screw conveyor, cement and lime measuring tank, pneumatic valve etc.
3.pre-curing section
-ferry push, mould,jaw crusher manufacturers bottom board, hardening car etc.
4.cutting section
-cutting machine, hoist,brace.
5.steaming section
-traction machine,kettle,boiler.

Aerated Autoclaved Concrete AAC PlantAerated Concrete Block Production Line (light weight brick making line):

1. The raw material is stored in the material storehouse, after according to the automatic batcher then enter into the pouring mixer.
2. Pour and enter to the mould after mixing evenly.

3. After precuring a certain temperature for a period of time, the base body reach a certain of hardness, the mould and base body are hung to the cutting machine by the sling. The sling is fulfill the following functions:

1)Titling the mould 90°in the air(one side plateof the mould become the bottom to support the base body ubtil the finished product is steamed).
2)Hanged to the cart or the cutting support to open mould or demoulding.
3)The demoulded frame and returned side plate shall be reorganized into the mould and shall be ready for nest pouring after cleaning and oil spraying.

4. The base body then be cut on the cutting machine in six sides:

1)The base body carries on the side and cuts and mills the trough vertically.

2)Then carry on the vertical level to cut.

3)Cut horizontally finally.

5. The base body which is cut and the bottom are hanged to the steam-pushing car by the semi-product sling, then fed into the autoclave in groupe to be steamed under high temperature.

6. After a period of steaming, then leave the autoclave and is hanged by the sling. The hardening plates are returned.

Aerated Autoclaved Concrete AAC Plant Advantages:
(1)light weight
Areated concrete density is usually 400-700kg/m3,(according the market in produce ),fine jaw crushersame as
1/3 of clay brick and 1/5 common concrete.So use the Light brick can reduce the weight of the
build more,and also reduce the beam of roof and pillar press best.then you can see,jaw crusher in stockit can save the
material and cost,it also fighting shaking.
(2) keeping temperature
It has many are porous,the delivery hearting coefficient is 0.9-0.22W/(mk),the same as 1/4 or
1/5 of clay brick,so it is best materials now in the world.There are many kinds material,have
lowest waste.

Aerated Concrete Block Production Line

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