To Grasp New Direction of Market

Mining machinery industry is an important pillar industry for national economy; it provides a large number of basic industrial raw materials and products for the rapid development of social economic in transportation, infrastructure, real estate, raw materials production and other industries; so mining machinery manufacturing industry, as an important basis for the construction of national independent industrial system, is also an important symbol to reflect the comprehensive development of social industry.
The Combination crusher , also known as compound crusher , is an indispensable equipment in mining machinery industry, which provides basis technical equipment support for the constructions of rail road, hydropower, municipal engineering, etc.After the government stepping up regulation of mineral resources, mineral market became weak and mineral prices fell sharply, because the resource tax will increase the mining cost and production cost of industrial chain, so as to curb demand and encourage energy conservation, as well as boost resources exploitation and utilization efficiency. From this point of view, the reform of resource taxes on mining machinery will make large impacts on the pattern of crusher equipment industry.Thus, in order to get better development, compound crusher enterprises should accurately grasp new direction of market, constantly extend integrative chain, further develop diversified marketing strategies, improve product quality and technical services, increase scientific research and launch new patented technology and sophisticated equipment.

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