The Design Requirements of Shaft Bushing

Taper bushing of spring cone crusher is its main shaft bushing. The design of taper bushing is also the design of inside taper hole of eccentric shaft sleeve, because the taper bushing is installed within the taper hole of eccentric shaft sleeve and taken clearance fit with main shaft. Therefore,the taper bushing design is related to the suspension point of moving cone, the intersection point of eccentric shaft sleeve cone hole centerline and crusher centerline, as well as the movement of eccentric parts.
In the operating process of crusher, in order to form reliable lubricating oil film on the friction surface, to compensate the error of manufacturing and assembly of eccentric parts, and to prevent the eccentric parts being stuck and appearing thermal expansion and deformation, friction surfaces of eccentric parts should be left appropriate gap.Too small clearance is easy to fever and generates journal sticking phenomenon; too big gap may reduce service life of the machine and generate impact and vibration. We can determine the gap according to the actual data of existing crusher.Intersection of the center line of inner taper hole and the center line of this machine is the suspension point of eccentric shaft sleeve, which moves along the center line of device with the change of eccentric shaft sleeve; its value size is determined by the clearance between eccentric shaft sleeve and rack bushing. The suspension point of dynamic cone is a fixed point in theory, so the movement of dynamic cone can be considered as a precession movement of rigid body around a fixed point.In order to ensure cone crusher has higher efficiency, we should adopt different strokes for the same type crusher corresponding to different materials, different cavities, different crushing ratios, etc. so that meet the requirements of different pathes.

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