XBM vacuum tumbler for meat processing RG50 experimental vacuum tumbler machine

Detailed Product Description

RG50 experimental vacuum tumbler for meat processing

tumbling at the same time vacuuming;

material forward& reverse tumbling

vacuum tumbler for meat processing RG50 experimental vacuum tumbler machine

china jaw crusher

RG50 experimental Vacuum Tumbler machine Description:
50L laboratory use small vacuum tumbling machine is our company according to market demand and development of a small device, widely used in food processing laboratory, College of Food Engineering Laboratory, school canteens,jaw crushing machine and food and beverage industry. The machine uses the guide cylinder tumbling from the extrusion principle, when the cylinder rotates the pieces in the extrusion guide longing, cut in pieces by the self-beat, squeezing each other, so that the body protein into water-soluble protein, easy to absorbed by the body, but can add material (starch,jaw crusher priceCHINA XBM etc.) and body protein fused each other to achieve the meat tender and good taste, the purpose of the high rate of finished products. Results focus on enhanced meat, strengthen product flexibility, improved products section, to prevent the slices have broken

tumbling at the same time vacuuming; the material forward and reverse tumbling;
Tumbling time can be set free

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