Outdoor survival experience introduced

Set hunting, hunting of wild animals must first know the animal’s habitat, to master the laws of animal life, then to take the pressure of hunting or fishing, the trapper card and shooting. This needs to be done under the guidance of experts, after a longer period of training and practice to truly master. Just short of edible insects and edible wild boarders plant species, edible.

Edible insects, people in the world eat insects, snails, earthworms, ants, cicadas, cockroaches, crickets, butterflies, locusts sub grasshopper Meng Lake flies, spiders, praying mantis. Although not used to eat insects, and even disgusted, but in the case of a last resort, to sustain life, maintain combat effectiveness, and then complete the task, does not prevent a try. Note, however, must be cooked or baked through, so as not to the insect parasites enter the body, leading to poisoning or illness.

How to use the method of “food”, common edible insects, locusts, dip sauce, grilled food, boiled or fried; mantis: You can also go grilled or fried, boiled, wings; dragonfly: fried food: cicada: ants eat or fried: fried, delicious; the spider: delete foot grilled food, termites: can be eaten raw or fried pine moth larvae are also edible; centipede: fried, but it tasted good; beetles: the larvae can be eaten raw or roasted, grilled food.

Edible plants edible wild plants, including edible wild fruit, vegetables, algae, lichens, mushrooms. Identification of edible wild plants is a bottom-up knowledge in the field of main content. China has a vast territory, the growth of various plants can be eaten alone, there are about 2,000 species. Our common edible berries: grape, uliginosum black blind fruit, the Mao berry, sea buckthorn, torches fruit, myrtle, Elaeagnus Vaccinium, P. emblica, especially wild chestnuts, coconuts, papaya easier to identify, having a good emergency life-saving food. Common wild sow thistle, dandelion, Houttuynia, purslane, thorn grass, shepherd’s purse, wild amaranth, broom and vegetables, water chestnuts, lotus root, reeds, moss. Wild vegetables can be eaten raw, fried, cooking food and boiling water immersion.

However, most people need the guidance of experts, after a period of training, knowledge, and here one of the easiest to identify wild plants toxic and non-toxic method to use in case of emergency. Usually collect plants to cut a small hole, add a little salt, then carefully observe whether or not to change the original color, usually discolored plants can not eat

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