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Detailed Product Description

planetary mixer

1.Lightweight, portable

ball mill2.Cast iron gear for steady and silent working


planetary mixer with 1.5mm Upper Drum Thickness, Lightweigh

All Cement Mixers pretty much perform the same basic function: Mix Sand,ball mill Gravel, Water and Portland cement together. Cement Mixers are differentiated by their batch size.

Starting with the smallest Cement Mixers: Portable Mixers – Materials are fed in by Manual Labor (Batch Size 2-5 Cubic Feet). Ideal for: Brick Laying,CHINA XBM Fence Post Bases or Small Footpaths (a step lower than this would be to Mix using a Wheelbarrow and a Garden Hoe).

Electric Portable Mixers are desirable where quiet or smokeless operation is an issue (Inside a room). They are also lightweight and a little more portable than the Gas or Diesel mixers.

Gas and Diesel Portable Mixers are step up from Electric ones primarily because they are more powerful and they are not dependent on a power supply. Another advantage is that they are not tethered by an extension cord which is always a concern since water is splashed around. They are commonly used by builders who use them on a daily basis. Comparing Gas to Diesel: Gas Mixers are less expensive and slightly cleaner burning than Diesel. Diesel mixers however last longer, are more powerful and easier to maintain. Diesel Fuel is much less volatile than Gasoline and remains stable much longer than Gasoline – this is a concern for winter storage and transporting!

Styles within the Portable Range: Site Mixers, Tip-Up Mixers and Upright Mixers. There are also Cement Mixer Attachments that are fitted to Construction Equipment.

Features + Benefits of planetary mixer

Easy-to-use mini cement mixer Durable powder-coat finish Efficient portability and storage Easy assembly

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ball mill
ball mill

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