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concrete truck mixer

1.it adopts key advanced technology of the heavy truck

2.comfortable, safet and convenient

Concrete truck mixer application and features


The capacity ranges from 7 m3 to 14m3. The cleaned exhaust is up to European III standard. In addition, they have following characters:

1. Chassis: we have bought different chassis for alternative, such as China Faw, China Dongfeng, Foton, Styre, Isuzu, Volvo, etc.
2. Hydraulic system of driving drum: The hydraulic system can adopt different imported brands according to the customers requirement.
3. Mixing drum: Specialized design keep the wall of mixing drum from sticking concrete. That improve homogenizing of concrete and no concrete remained and stuck. The drum and mixing lamina are made of excellent wearable steel plate. This assures their longtime work.
4. Feeding and discharging system: The feeding bucket and discharging bucket are made of excellent wearable steel plate. They can be against tremendous impact from concrete discharging. They are equipped with lock system, easy to lift and put down, to be fixed in good position.
5. Control system: The control handspike under the driver sit and at two sides of truck back can conveniently control the rotating direction and rotating speed of mixing drum. So that is security and stability.

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10M3concrete truck mixer:

Chassis DFL5251GJBA1 Dongfeng Automobile Group
Engine dCi340-30 Dongfeng
Brake Steam Brake
Speed Gearbox 8JS130T-B
Cab Corp Cab Dongfeng
Rear Axle 13T
Spring Leaf No 9/13
Tire & Spare Tire 11.00R20
Hydraulic pump 54 USA
Hydraulic motor 54 USA
Cooler 54 Liters China
Capacity of Tank (m3) 8 or 10
Material of Tank 16 Manganese Steel
Thickness of Tank (mm) 5
Kerb Weight / Payload Weight / Gross Weight 12825 / 12000 / 24955
Overall Dimension (mm) 9800 x 500 x 960
Wheelbase (mm) 3800 + 1350

7m3concrete truck mixer:

Geometric volume: 12.1m3

Efficitive agitate volume: 7m3,
Effictive mixing volume: 5m3

Inclination angle: 15

Vane: Double-screw vane

Oil pump: A4VTG71

Motor: Deutschland Rexthroth AA2FM63

Type of engine/Power: WD615.87/213

8m3concrete truck mixer:

Geometric volume: 13.8m3

Efficitive agitate volume: 8m3,
Effictive mixing volume: 6m3

Inclination angle: 15

Vane: Double-screw vane

Oil pump: A4VTG71

Motor: PLM7

Type of engine/Power: WD615.69/247 WD615.87/213

9m3concrete truck mixer:

Geometric volume: 16.5m3

Efficitive agitate volume: 9m3,
Effictive mixing volume: 7.5m3

Inclination angle: 12

Vane: Double-screw vane

Oil pump: A4VTG71

Motor: PLM7

Type of engine/Power: WD615.69/247kW

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