The Advanced Design on Low Consumption of Ball Mill

The common stoppage of the Raymond mill: the host mill’s current and the temperature is raising, and the fan’s current decline.

Reason: The feeding is excessive, duct is jammed, pipe exhaust is not free, cycle airstream fever which makes high temperature of the machine and lord of the current, but fan current decline

Removal Methods: (1) reduce the inlet amount, clear away of the powder in the air duct

(2) open the ductwork valve wide, control the temperature of the materials below 6 ℃

Manufacturing is the main sector of industry. Raymond ball mill high-end equipment is an important foundation of the development of manufacturing, and also a concentrated reflection of the development of national manufacturing levels. At present, the driving force and the environment of China”s industrial development are undergoing profound changes, and Chinese industry has entered a critical period when only speeding up transformation and upgrading can promote development.Manufacturing industry directly reflects the level of a country”s productivity and it is an important factor to differ developing and developed countries. The manufacturing occupies an important share of the national economy of the developed countries, and the mining machinery industry also occupies temporarily indispensable location in the manufacturing sector. The professional mining machinery manufactures should commit to the exploration and study of the milling equipment and make their own contribution to the development of the manufacturing.

Raymond milling machine is called raymond mill for short, it is a very important grinding equipment and come from outside the country, now in China has developed. What’s the common stoppage that is caused in the process of using the Raymond mill? And how to solve them?

Experts generally believe that Raymond Mill must walk to efficiency and low consumption, and automated direction in powder industry. We should carry out effective management through the condition monitoring and microcomputer automatic control device. To achieve stability, we should rationally study the wear resistance of the various accessories and improve the lubrication between the machine bearings which under continuous work. In order to achieve the goal of high efficiency and low consumption, and technical staff research, analysis and compare the crushing and grinding energy consumption and design new process, that is, reach the goal of reducing fragmentation, reducing costs, and enhancing enterprise market competitiveness with technology though reducing the final product particle size of fragmentation products, increasing the content of the fine-grained level product and greatly improving the handling capacity of the mill.


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