The Problems of Load of Ball Mills

Ball mill operation has a lot of precautions, correct operation can play a lot of benefits. Ball mill equipment operation is also something that have very cautious requirements, ball mill operation must be carried out in accordance with strict steps, so today we are mainly to explain the requirements of ball mill no-load:
After Ball mills maintenance, or when it is newly purchased, it needs no-load test, the load test is carried out under the circumstances of no medium (steel rods) and materials idling. Continuous operation should not be less than four hours, generally 8-16 hours of operation, it can be determined according to the specific situation. The longer the commissioning is, the better the main bearing and gear tooth surface grinding will be. Then lubrication of lubrication points at no load is normal, and no oil leakage. Ball mill main bearing temperature should not exceed 50 ℃; ball mill runs smooth, gear has no abnormal noise; liner and transmission parts is not loose; the running of all parts can meet the maintenance requirements. When idling reaches a predetermined time, stop the mill running, carefully check all parts, tighten the liner bolts, eliminate defects found. 
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