Sawdust Briquette Machinxingbangopular In Greece

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Sawdust Briquette Machinxingbangopular In Greece


This Sawdust Briquette Machinemakes the agri-waste material into briquettes. After the well preparement of raw metarial, briquetting is easy at right operation of briquette machine. When machine rise to over 300 centigrade, the material can be feeding continuously into briquetting press. First, the color of briquettes may be a little dark even black, but after a while, the color will be light to normal level coming out of biomass briquette machine.

Raw Material:

Groundnut-shell, Sugarcane residue, Caster Shells/Stalk, Saw dust, Coffee Husk, Paddy Straw ,Sunflower Stalk, Cotton Stalks, Tobacco waste, Mustard Stalk, Jute waste ,Bamboo Dust, Tea waste ,Wheat Straw ,Palm husk, Soybeans husk, Rice Husks, Forestry wastes, Wood Chips and many other Agro wastes.

AppropriateBiomass Residues for Briquetting:

1. Effect of particle size and shape of the agro residues for densification. The ideal size was identified to be 3-5mm.
2. Effect of moisture. Ideal level was 8 to 12 per cent.
3. Effect of txingbangerature on the die was found important and the txingbangerature at 280 to 290 0C was observed to be most appropriate
4. Effect of mixing rice husk with bagasse and bagassxingbangith to achieve the briquetting of these materials

Working Principle of Sawdust Briquette Machine:

Biomass Briquette machine uses a large screw to grind, compress and extrude the biomass into briquettes. The natural lignin content in biomass is liberated with wood fiber under high pressure and txingbangerature.In the briquetting process lignin serves as the glue and combines thxingbangarticles of wood together,thus binding, compressing the biomass to form into various moulds of high density briquette, such as hexagonal,quadrangular, square,etc. As your requirement, we can also change the shape to order. And the diameter of briquettes are from 50-80 mm. Moreover non-binder needs to be used during this process.

Parameter of sawdust briquette machine:


Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Dia of Briquettes(mm) Size(m) Weight(kg)


15+6 180-210 30,40,50 1.8×0.76×1.29 540/590


11+6 gearbox 180-210 30,40,50 1.8×0.76×1.29 570/610


22+9 350-400 60,70,80,90 1.96×0.88×1.62 1000/1100


22+9 gearbox 350-400 60,70,80,90 1.96×0.88×1.62 1200/1300

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