Wood Waste Charcoal Briquetting Machine For BBQ

Detailed Product Description

briquetting machine

briquetting machine capacity:200-400 kg/h

briquetting machine with 1 year warranty

OEM briquettxingbangress

Wood Waste Charcoal Briquetting Machine For BBQ


This kind of machinery can produce a special coal (High efficiency fuel) with many kinds of straw/stalks as raw material, such as rice hull, peanut hull, corn straw,sawdust and all kinds of crop straw,also the material of low adhesion rate and difficult to forming.

The heat quantity caused by burning this fuel is equivalent to coal, and moreover, the quantity of carbon dioxide in smoke dust, xingbangecially the quantity of sulfur dioxide, reduces extremely. Also the cost is much lower than coal.

Finished prodcut:

The finished product mainly used as fuel in furnace,boiler and power plant, the clinker after burning was directly used as fertilizer. It is xingbangecially confirmed to the world market of renewable compression biomass energy demand.It can be widely used in life stoves,heaters,hot water boiler and drying of biomass gasification,biomass power plants,and so on.


1.The mould & rollers are made from special alloy and processed by special method & treatment,so with extreme durability.Successfully overcomed thxingbangoor resistance of traditional mould & roller.

2.It adopts screw-center adjusting pressure structure,thxingbangressed rollers’ gap can be adjusted smaller or bigger,so it can meet different materials’ demand and make sure the briquetting effect.

3.Main machine equippmed with specially designed screw conveyor which has speed control device,thus can realize feeding steadily and cleanly for all kinds of raw material.

4.Main machine,screw conveyor and speed control device can be operated through one combined control panel.Which is more convenient and labor-saving.

5.With 1 year warranty.

Model Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Dia of Briquettes(mm) Size(m) Weight(kg)
HSZB-01 15+6 180-210 30,40,50 1.8×0.76×1.29 540/590
HSZB-02 11+6 gearbox 180-210 30,40,50 1.8×0.76×1.29 570/610
HSZB-03 22+9 350-400 60,70,80,90 1.96×0.88×1.62 1000/1100
HSZB-04 22+9 gearbox 350-400 60,70,80,90 1.96×0.88×1.62 1200/1300


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