The Advanced Design of Experts on Sand Washer

The Artificial sand washer is a kind of wet type Sand washing equipment . It can wash out the trace amounts of mountain flour and impurities in the mixed sands made by the sand makers to improve the quality of the products.

Working Principle of Sand Washer:

When the sand washer is working, the engine driven by the V belt, reduction gears and the gear reducer rotates slowly, with the gravel impeller getting into the tank. In the impeller, the sands roll and abrade, till the impurities are eliminated.

The Sand washer is a kind of highly efficient Sand washing plant , taking the advanced techniques and the domestic physical conditions together into consideration. It has the advantages of reasonable structure and high productivity. During the washing process, few sands run off. As the best choice in the sand washing industry, the transmission part separated from water and sands makes the fault rate much lower than the commonly used Mineral sand washer .

Meanwhile, if added some water, the impurities and foreign matters produced by the machine will get out from the exit with some water.


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