The use of the terrain of the real cs field skills

First, the use of terrain
Fighting should clever use of the terrain, adopt a flexible combat action, combat missions to complete. Terrain aimed concealed body of firepower. Use of terrain, you do the “three easy, three do not avoid. “Easy”: Even in the observation and shooting, the purpose of concealment body, easy to close, use and changing positions; “Do not”: that is, do not hinder long command class (group), o soldiers shooting of firearms, not a few people crowded in together, so as not to increase the casualties, do not stay too long in one place; avoid: the day to avoid the independent, obviously, flammable, easily collapsed objects and lots that are difficult to access. Use of terrain, appropriate posture should be based on the enemy’s situation and the level of the shelter, quickly hidden close to occupy the bottom-up, meticulous observation, seize the opportunity to out of the gun. The following describes the use of several vision terrain.

(A) use Hom
Hom vertical, horizontal and low points. Horizontal Hom to take advantage of the back the enemy hidden surface of the body, to make use of the curved portion, incomplete, or one side of the top of the vertical Hom concealed the body, with its upper edge to do the shooting relying on. Ridge best use of the incomplete portion, the recess on the weir day. Li, kneeling, lying posture is desirable according to the height of the sill. Near the sill, usually leap. When the intake to Hom sheltered sector, quickly lie down, then crawl to the bottom of the ridge, as the case can move around, choose well-equipped to take advantage of the site. Occupation, occupation, bottom-up the covert observation needs to shoot, they should quickly out of the gun. Occupation, should continue to observe the battlefield, choose a good forward line and where it was paused. Transfer, quickly closing the gun-shrinking body, as the case may be taken to move around, Yang soil smokescreen to deceive, confuse the enemy, suddenly leaps (a) forward. When I suppress enemy fire, can be directly leaps forward (out).

(B) use mound
The independent soil letters usually use its right, as the case may also make use of the left side or the top. Double mound can take advantage of the Ministry of the draft. Anti-aircraft fire, usually the back or top. Close to the occupation, transfer the action and use Hom phase similar.

(C) the use of pit
The pit is usually the front section concealed body use its upper edge for shooting relying on their depth, size, jump, cross, creeping into the shooting take the stand, kneeling, lying posture. Jumped into the usually is deeper pit in using. The essentials right hand holding a gun, left hand stays pit along advantage of the opportunity to jump into the pit. Entering is usually adopted in the shallow pit. The essentials are close to the pit along the left foot into the rapidly take advantage of the side in the pit. Rolled into the essentials is to lie down quickly rolled into the pit along, and then into the observation. Transfer, should be based on the depth of the pit, take a different approach, suddenly leaps forward.

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