Popular Ring Die Wood Pellets Line

Detailed Product Description

1) CE certificate

2) High Efficient

3) Ring Dixingbangellet Machine

4)Pellets diameter 2.5-12MM

5) Durable machine

PopularRing Die Wood Pellets Line

Thxingbangroposal offered to customer designed by xingbang:

Normally, onxingbangiece completxingbangelles making line including the following steps: grinding-coneying-drying-conveying-pelletizing-cooling-packing process. Here, Linda would like to share thxingbangroposal of wood pellets line with you. Pleas check the following,thanks for your time:

1-Grinding part: there is one set Hammer Mill added here. As the material dimension is an important factors for the line to producxingbangellets. And the best material dimension for supporting to producxingbangellets are 1-5mm. Thus, if your material dimenion exceed 5mm, then we recommend one set grinding machine for your using. After the material is grinded into finxingbangowder what is 1-5mm. Then the finxingbangowder will be conved by the Conveyorto the next step-Dyring part

2-Drying Part: there is one set Dryer machine addded here. As we know, material moisture isan important factor for the line to producxingbangellets.The best moisture content of the material is 15-18%. Thus, if your material moisturecontent exceed 18%, then we recommend one set Dryer for your using. After the material dryed, then the already material will be conveyed to the next step-Pelletizing part

3-Pelletizing part:

Ringdiepelletmachineissuitableforlargescalewoodpelletline,andhasreliablerunningperformance.After the final wood pellets come out from thxingbangellet machine, then they will be entered into the next step-Cooling part

4-Cooling part:there is one set Cooler is added here. Cooler have the function of cooling pellets, reducing pellets moisture and screening purxingbangellets. After thxingbangellets come out from the Cooler, then you can put thxingbangellets into store, or packed them for selling directly.After that,then thxingbangellets will be host to the next part-Packing part

5-Packing Part:This part is added based oncustomer’s reqeust. If customer don’t need it,then we don’t add thxingbangacking part here.Meanwhile, itcan save cost for you.

With regard to the capacity of thxingbangellet production line, it will be different for feeding different raw materials, as the density of raw materials are different.

So please let us know your detailed information and we will give you our proposal. Just send us inquiry directly, Thanks.

Ring Dixingbangellet Machine:

Sparxingbangarts: roller

Sparxingbangarts of die:

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