To Design One Crusher for Construction Waste Solving

Sand maker is the most common used equipment in the cement works, in the production process, the quality of the finished sand and sand fineness modulus are mostly measured by human experience or sampling by drying, screening points, weighing and other discrimination; the old method, on the one hand, has large error and unreliability; on the other hand, sampling weighing although has accurate determination, it takes long measurement time, cannot be subject to feedback regulation, and increases artificial workload. With the increasing demand of the mechanism sand, it also put forward higher requirements on the mechanism sand standard.

The wheel type Mobile crusher is a kind of new and convenient construction waste crushing product, which is designed and developed based on the domestic market quotations. It has strong adaptability and can be composed flexible. The wheel type mobile crusher has a variety of configurations, and the users can choose the configuration according to their special needs. Both of the “screening after crushing” and the “crushing after screening” are available. What’s more, the crushing and the screening can be used alone. The wheel type mobile crusher not only can be combined into two-stage crushing & screening system with coarse crushing and fine crushing and three-stage crushing & screening system with coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing, but also can be run independently, which shows the strong flexibility of wheel type mobile crusher.

The hydraulic double roll crusher combined the advantages of the traditional roll crusher and the working principles of the rolling machine. In addition, this kind of machine makes full use of the design concept of mechanical, electrical hydraulic integration to make the crushing efficiency and stability of the products significantly improved. The hydraulic system pressure is stable and it is easy to adjust, so it is more secure and reliable. It is the preferred equipment in the cement and mining industry.

When the swing speed of the moving cone is lower, the particles first do freely falling body movement. With the increase of swing speed of the moving cone, the crushing number of the particles gradually increases. After crushing, the grain size of the product will be getting smaller and smaller.


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