The Slag Crushers Realize the Energy Saving

The cinder crusher is generally used for brick production. The cinder is broken by cone crusher and then used as brickyard combustion. Traditional cinder crushing machine is single-stage power with grate bottom. The discharging material fineness depends on the gap between Grate bottoms. While the traditional cinder mill impacts on the production although is being able to control the material fineness. The disadvantage of grate bottom is that it is easy to be blocked when crushing humidity materials. As a result, it will lead to a stuffy car, or even motor burning. Hongxing Machinery Company now recommends you a new functional structure cinder grinder. In fact, the new cinder grinder is the reasonable combination of two Hammer crusher s. The cinder mill adopts dual driven power, and as with the hammer crusher, the crushing mode relies on the hammer head. After crushing operation, the material is directly discharged from the discharge port. As discharge port is set with no screening, the material discharges smoothly, consequently will be high output. The biggest advantage of the non-screening set is increasing crushing ability for the humidity materials. Generally speaking, this new type cinder grinder is better than the old-fashioned cinder grinder no matter in the yield, fineness or the material moisture content requirements. Relatively, the fineness of finished products is the right match for the brickyard production. It can be described as the dedicated model for brickyard.
Cinder grinder can crusher any materials even the material is just pulled out of water. It is good at crushing high solid substance. In that case, when running machine, it would not be clocked by the reason of humid or hardness materials. Because the crusher hammer head is made from high alloy, the crusher parts are wear resistant and long service life. Although slightly wear, the crusher hammer head gap can be adjusted a little to avoid wear and be in use again. This new product makes a breakthrough in material range and hammer long service time. It has earned great popularity since came into market. The device is equipped with heavy balance wheel, so that it operations smooth with heavy inertia and saves electricity. The two sets of rotors up side and down side are equipped with flywheel, which is adjustable to the periodic velocity fluctuation of the operation.

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