The Overall Development of Sand Maker Industry

Recently, China is at its peak period on infrastructure construction, the rapid development of infrastructure construction brings a developing summit to Sand maker manufacturing, because cement and gravel aggregate are the basis of constructing high-speed railway, highway, subway, while gravel aggregate cannot be separated from complete sets of sand processing equipment, just like fish cannot live without water.
However, there are something pessimistic in the development of Sand making machine industry, such as industrial structure is irrational, industry focuses on labor-intensive products; technology-intensive products is significantly behind the advanced industrial countries; the decisive role of production factors are being eroded; high energy consumption, low output, severe environmental pollution, and heavy destructive power on natural resources; small enterprises scale, weak technological innovation capability, backward management level, which all restrict the development of the sand maker.
How to analysis the development of sand maker industry in China? How to evaluate the development degree of sand maker industry? What is its development position and prospects? How is sand maker industrial development associated with the current economic hot issues–these are what sand maker industry have to face and solve – the development of the sand making equipment industry has come to a fork in the road; sand maker enterprises need to select the direction of development.
Hongxing machine carefully research about the development course of sand maker industry, analyses its status and gaps, and creatively put forward new sand maker industry and alternatives industry concept, what’s more, it accurately defines the connotation from four dimensions–the "people-oriented", "technological innovation", "environmentally friendly" and "facing future". We believe relying on this concept, the development path of Hongxing machine will become increasingly wide.

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