The Branding Building of Compound Crusher

Mining machinery is a necessary part of equipment manufacturing industry; it plays an important role in national economic construction and undertakes responsibility of supplying complete sets of technology equipment for coal, metallurgy and ore mining, as well as for electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, military, light industry, textile, pharmaceutical and other industries. With the continuous development of China’s economy, the crusher industries also continually grow, the traditional crusher equipment has been gradually eliminated by the times. In order to achieve sustainable development, crusher industries must strengthen their capacity of independent innovation, actively respond to the national energy-saving policy, and close follow the pace of times. In the fierce competitive market, Henan Hongxing dares to challenge, keeps watching the dynamic of the domestic and foreign markets, continuously improves the technical level and product quality, commits to the improvement and innovation of crusher equipment, and successfully develops a new type of highly effective compound crusher , with the following advantages:
1. New unique crushing chamber design improves the crushing ratio and producing capacity, increasing the cube content of finished materials;
2. The single fragmentation functions are improved, integrating coarse crushing and fine crushing, fragmentation is high;
3. Components and parts are made of wear-resistant materials, extending the service life of the machine;
4. Enclosed body structure effectively reduce pollution and dust emissions, saving energy consumption by 1/2–highly efficient energy saving and environmental protection;
5. Multi-mode elastic adjusting mechanism effectively control of the particle size, making uniform quality aggregate;
6. Low costs, reducing investment in equipment by 1/3, with broad development prospects;
7. High reliability, simple operation, nonperishable, easy-to-maintain.

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