GFK wheat and corn fertilizing planter

Detailed Product Description

GFK wheat and corn fertilizing planter

1. wheat and corn planter machine

2. powered by 15-20hp PTO

GFK wheat and corn fertilizing planter

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Used to plant wheat and corn,high efficiency and stable performance

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Items wheat and corn planter
Model No GFK300 GFK400
Weight 145kg 190kg
Row spacing 150-240mm 150-240mm
Seeding lines 3/9 4/12
Ditching depth 60-80mm 60-80mm
Sowing depth 30-50mm 30-50mm
Efficiency 0.2-0.3ha/h 0.3-0.4ha/h
Seeding quantity per Mu 1.5-40kg 1.5-50kg
Fertilizing quantity per Mu 75kg 90kg
Power 8.8-13.2kw 11-13.2kw
Horsepower 15-20hp 15-20hp

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