The Security Technology and Performance of Vibrating Feeder

1.Regular maintenance and overhaul is an important device to prolong the machine’s lifespan and ensure a normal work, therefore customers should pay attention to it. As far as the lubrication is concerned, the following points should be noticed:
(1)This machine adopts thin oil splash lubrication method. And the kind of lubrication oil is determined by the application place, temperature condition, generally we adopt gear oil.
(2)Ensure that the thin oil level is higher than the oil standard height (filling through the elbow) in the exciter, replace it every 3 to 6 months. Use clean gas or kerosene to wash the tank, bearing raceway and gear surface when changing the oil.
2.Security technology
(1)The operator must receive the security technology education;
(2)During the operation, no man is allowed to stand by the machine, nor touch the machine, adjust, clean, clear or overhaul with hands etc.
(3)Machinery equipment should be grounded, the cable ought to be reliable to insulate and be kept in metal conduit. You should examine the motor whether the wiring wears or there’s a leakage in it.
Machinery performance
Reduce the pressure on the trough from the materials as much as possible when in configuration and design. In accordance with the demands of the manufacturers, the effective discharge port of the bunker should be no more than one fourth of the slot width, and the material flow rate should be controlled within 6 to 18m/min. As for the materials with larger feeding amount, a high enough ore-blocked board should be installed at the discharging place at the bottom of the bunker; in order not to affect the feeder performance, the board has to be fixed in the trough. The dip angle is better to be designed between 55 to 65 degree of the bunker back for its successive discharge.

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