To Reduce the Material Wasted on Production

The iron content is 35%-40%, which can be up to 50%, harmful impurities S, P content is usually higher. China”s proven reserves of limonite 1.23 billion tons, accounting for 2.3% of proven iron ore reserves. Mainly distributed in Yunnan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Shandong, Guizhou and Fujian. Limonite is rich of crystallization water, we usually use physical beneficiation methods, but iron ore grade is difficult to reach 60.00%. As siderite, the calcination loss on ignition is greater and can significantly improve the grade of iron concentrate. Limonite easily argillization in the grinding process and is difficult to obtain a higher metal recover rate.

Research results show that fine-grained exposing iron ore – 10mm grain grade limonite dry magnetic separation throwing tail, which can make the limonite ore grade over 50.00%. Ore recovery rate exceeds 86.00%. They took further commercial application – T magnetic separation of -25 mm to +10 mm, grain size with strong magnetic separator CRIMMs-φ100 – IOOO-ll thin persons permanent magnet roller, the -10 mm size were used CRIMMs – φ150 – φ100 of IO00 -1 3 type, and RIMM–1 000 -1.1-type rare earth permanent magnet roller strong magnetic separator once a rough time selection of dry magnetic separation tailing.

Red Star Nonferrous Metals Company which is major in producing the hammer crusher, cone crusher, compound crusher, ball mill and vibrating screen owns Phoenix Mountains of copper ore, after flotation, low intensity magnetic separation, the tailings contain large quantities of siderite and has not been recovered over the years. Studies have shown that the Sbp wet high intensity magnetic separation machine is able to make total iron grade 44. 20qo (loss on ignition of iron 58. 00%), recoveries of 29. 91% of the low phosphorus low sulfur, self-melting iron concentrate, which is used for smelting.

At present, the key to siderite roasting is the development of large magnetization reduction roasting equipment, including precise control of low and medium temperature in kiln and weak reductive atmosphere. Besides, the complementary of fuel and reductant, as well as energy efficient combustion system design. All of them is the further research direction. Limonite is brown mixtures of variety natural minerals, of which the moisture iron oxide is the main component. Most is aphanitic goethite mixed with lepidocrocite, hematite, quartz, clay, containing adsorbed water andcapillary water.


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