To Settle the Temperature Problems of the Equipment

Personal safety equipment is very important, staff always need to wear a helmet and a pair of safety glasses. Iron or other unbroken materials can not be allowed to enter the Sand making machine , electronic metal detector or a permanent separator need to be used before being put into the feeder. Under the non-running exceed state , sand specifications are not given space for maximum rotor speed.
During operating mining machinery and equipment , the working oil temperature problem can not be ignored. mining equipment with lubricants have special requirements, in cold regions, it requires that the motor or machine bearings are widened to get temperature grease. In Mongolia, the motor bearings are frequently burned out are mainly due to this reason. In high-temperature lubrication areas , the motor will need high-grade lubricants. Limit the use of mining equipment temperature range according to our company in the market above the use of the environment is between -40 to 45 degrees. But we need some special means to achieve stander to ensure the normal operation of equipment, these things require customers to closely cooperate with each other. The working temperature of electronic equipment is between -10 to 40 degrees. In cold and high temperature areas, we need supporting electric control room and retrofitting measures if the electrical equipment is bare in the outdoors and this require special needs.
Enterprises should collaborate with each other to become a unit to face the market and make full use of the advantage . As a Jaw crusher provider, we will provide all kinds of heavy industrial equipments.

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