To Deal with the Problems Appearing in Production

The rotary kiln under the action of raw materials in the friction with the wall together rises slowly, when it was turned to a certain height. I.e. the horizon of raw material surface layer is equal to the viewpoint of the formation of the accumulation of raw material, the raw materials particles falls because of gravity; it slides along the material layer.

The rotary kiln as one of the main drying equipment, its usage is very wide: building material, metallurgy, chemical, environmental protection and other industries. It is also widely used for turning round of solid materials machinery, physical or chemical processing. The rotary kiln can be used to burn the cement forging outside, it can still be used to forge the clay, limestone and slag drying, etc. Fire-proof material production, the rotary kiln forging the raw material, makes its size stability, increase strength, and then process molding. Non-ferrous and black metallurgy, iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, tin, nickel, tungsten, chromium, file metal, which can be used in smelting equipment in rotary kiln of minerals, concentrate, intermediate objects of sintering, roasting.

Because the rotary kiln have certain gradient, and raw materials particles rolling, the biggest direction along the slope down, so it moves forward a certain distance. When raw materials in the stove move, the raw material of particle movement way is cyclical change, or buried in material layer inside and kiln movement together, or to the material on the surface layer and came down. But only in the raw material along the surface layer of particles landing in the process, it can grow along the kiln direction. Raw materials in the stove movement will affect the raw materials in the residence time of furnace (namely raw material heating time); raw materials in the filling coefficient of furnace (namely raw material heated area); Turning the size of materials, also affect the uniformity of raw materials (namely affect combustion products and raw material surface temperature).


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