To Create Much More Stress on Green Production

Relying on electricity to run machine is only an expedient measure, every way that can contribute to ball mill energy saving should be encouraged. Here is the solution to energy-saving ball mill grinding tail spit ash:

1. To improve the sealing method of grinding head.

2. Reduce the feeding mouth diameter to increase hollow shaft helical blade height.

3, Change the hopper (splice tube) helical blade to be equal spiral distance with the pitch of the hollow shaft helical blade. Add in spiral blade at the inverted cone, so that the material is transported away when into the splice tube. It prevents the material from retention and return in the inverted cone.

4. Improve the cement mill feed side.

5, Make improvements in the operation, such as adjust the grinding grading and loading. Adjust the cyclic loading rate of the powder separator and avoid the positive pressure operation and micro-vacuum operation.

However, there are far more energy saving problems to solve. In powder production line, ball mill does plays an important part and it is the irreplaceable phase in sand making plant. We are ready to work together with you to put forward more constructive ideas for energy saving and environmental protection ball mill.

The role that ball mill takes part in production line, like the engine of the car, the body of the heart, is critical. In the selection of the mill we had better carefully consider and make favorable selection.

For a used ball mill machine, the hydraulic system is easily oil leakage, which is one of main reasons for pollution and resources waste.

Although these supporting parts can be solved by replacing, the cost will be too high to do the removal of the machine”s hydraulic system and redo. To solve construction machinery emission problem, we must start from the power system. But this issue had never received the attention of the internal combustion engine enterprise.

As large amount sales of ball mill, it is still pale into insignificance when compared with the automotive industry. The main research of the combustion engine companies are generally lay on automotive industry because of the relative stable working environment. Therefore, it needs two or more industries working together to solve the matter of energy saving and emission reduce. Industry experts stressed that all of the enterprises should broaden mind actively rather than rely on the only solution of hybrid project. After all, the ball mill machine is not electric toys.


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