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Dressing Machinery Manufacturer
1)High efficiency
2)Stable performance
3)ISO9001, CCC


Dressing Machinery Manufacturer

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xingbang manufacturing Dressing Machinery Manufacturer, with more than 30 years experience, flotation machine, flotation cell, flotator

Dressing Machinery Manufactureris suitable for separating nonferrous metal, ferrous metal, non-metallic minerals, and chemical raw material, as well as recycling useful minerals.Flotation equipment has large Sucking-airflow, low energy consumption. There are three functions air flow sucking, pulp sucking, and floating of each single cell, so it can form the flotation circuits without any auxiliary equipment, and because of its horizontal allotment, its easy for flow change. A reasonable circulation of ore pulp can maximally reduce the grit precipitate. It is easy to adjust for the auto regulation of the ore pulp The impeller has backwards inclined double vanes, and the upside van is for the upward pulp circulation while the downside for the downward circulation.
Work Principles ofDressing Machinery Manufacturer

Different kinds of ore will be primarily crushed by jaw crushers, when the crushed ore meets the suitable size,jaw crusher for sale they will be sent to ball mill evenly by elevators and vibrating feeders, therein, they will be crushed and milled to even smaller size, and the process goes to next stage: classification. Spiral classifier washes and classifies the slury by the priciple that different sizes of particles sink at different speeds in fluid. The washed and classified slury then goes through magnetic separator and the magnetic material within will be separated. Afterwards, the primarily separated mineral parpicles will be sent to flotation machines, mixed with different chemical media, separating the needed mineral from other materials. The separated material contains a lot of water, so has to be concentrated by initial concentrator for enrichment,jaw crusher india and then be dryed by rotary dryer. At last, dry minerials are abtained.

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Dressing Machinery Manufacturer

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