The Performance of Sand Washer Based on Structure

The Artificial sand washer is mainly used for removing impurities, such as dust, from sand products; it is composed by gear, speed reducer, stent, settling tank, impellers, pulleys, motors, etc..Working principle:The motor drives impeller running slowly through V-belt and reducer; the sand are fed to wash tank from feed trough, and then grind each other driven by impeller to remove the impurities that cover in gravel surface and undermine the vapor layer that coats sand, so that facilitate dehydration; meanwhile, add water to form strong currents to take away impurities and foreign body of small proportion and discharge them from outlet timely. The clean gravels are taken away by the blades and then poured by the rotation of impeller into the discharge chute so that complete the entire cleaning action.Structural features1. Wheel Bucket sand washer has simple structure; the impeller drive bearing device is separated from water and materials, avoiding bearing damage phenomenon caused by pollutant.2. Compared with the traditional spiral Sand washing machine , artificial Sand washer has the following advantages:a. the loss of fine sand and stone powder are small, building sand gradation and fineness modulus meet the national requirements.b. besides mesh, bucket wheel sand washing machine almost has no wearing parts.c. long service life; it can be used for long time without maintenance.3. Artificial sand washer has fair structure, convenient maintenance, large capacity, small power consumption and high efficiency. Novel sealing structure, full blockade type transmission apparatus and adjustable overflow weir plate ensure that this series of products is efficient and durable.4. Spiral sand washing machine is used for the washing, grading and dehydration of smaller particles of sand and gravel in construction sites, gravel plants, glass factories, hydropower stations and other units.

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