One Excellent Masterpiece on Crushing Production

Fixed cone is installed in the upper rack, and movable cone bearing is supported by spherical bearings. Under the spherical bearing seat is a set of circular spring, which installed inside the spindle. The lower part of spindle is fixed on the bottom of rack, the upper part is matched with eccentric sleeve.

Eccentric sleeve is driven by transmission shaft and cone gear, whose inner hole is supported by the spindle bearing, outer cylindrical surface drive fixed cone doing the rotating pendulum movement. Movable cone is driven by v-belt or hydraulic coupling- electric motors. Sliding bearings equipped both internal and external of eccentric shaft sleeve surface. The gap between movable cone and a rack is full of grease, which uses labyrinth seal. We use hand wheel to adjust spherical bearing movements through the lower bevel gear. We read discharge opening width and vertical position of the cone with pointers and dials.

In domestic, rotating disk crusher has successfully applied to superfine gold crushing and gold addressing factories. It remains to be seen for iron ore application. At present, the biggest medium and fine crushing cone crushers in the world are only two types, which are symons cone crusher and 3000 series produced in former Soviet Union. These crushers are developed by increasing size on the basis of traditional crushers. There are no much changes in the work principle and main structure. But the tapered broken pop eccentric parts changed a little. The drum-shaped surface is in the lower part of the main shaft, the bushing holes uses spherical mapping (spherical roller bearing are also commonly used in Western countries). In this way, it reduced the clearance, increased the crushing force arm and improved force situations of spindle and eccentric bushings.

In addition, crusher precession angle reduced from the original 2 degrees to 1.6 and 1.5 degrees. Swing times are also correspondingly increased of the fixed cone. So, it increases the crushing force and reduces eccentric parts clearance. Crushing machines modified as follows: It forms crushing cavity between movable cone liner and fixed cone liner.


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