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I I love the ghd south africa , but it is not ceramic so that I was looking for something with less damage to my hair. I have tried many higher end flat irons, people are blown away, but always finds mine better. Until I tried to composed. Under the best straightener I’ve tried hand. It is good, paving, me too, but that would make it supple. I have found fewer products for my hair, and the next day it remained in a relatively straight. Your hair less frizz. Really does not give that silky, shiny, smooth appearance, everyone tried to draw! My old straightener has a built in comb, you can remove it, I believe that a great deal of success. Composition does not have one, so I highly recommend purchasing straightening comb so as to get the fantastic results! Solano Sapphire I loved the last one is black and used three times daily for at least five years after death. And drugstore brands straightener unwise weeks after, I went to the online replacement GHD and found that it was no longer available. Broken heart! Composition seems to be sand swell the best, so I went to buy it. I like it, it is better than the drug store brand Straighteners … But much more effectively as I Solano is perfect of course. My hair color (but not dual-processing), collar-length, and medium weight with natural waves/micro curl. Consisting of two or three passes with straight, and Solano (which has a wider Board) I just in a single pass. So, while I will always mourn the loss of the straightening iron, composition is perfect head and shoulders above Alice I was at the drugstore, not frying my hair it is not satisfied with the work. I recommend it, because Solano will no longer be available.

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