The Introduction to Significant Merits of Jaw Crusher

First, the installation of the jaw crusher is simple and convenient. The jaw crusher has better balance after the optimized design. The shock absorption and stop blocks are used in the installation process. The installation time is short. The foundation bolt hole with accurate size is not needed to be made in advanced. The anchor bolts are not necessary, either.

Second, the improper modular non-welded structure may make the crusher material can change its own performance, which will affect the overall life of the crusher and result in unnecessary repairs and delay the production. The new crusher is casted by the front and the back files, which is connected with the high-performance side board, the overall bearing and the bolt pin so that the transportation of the crusher is easy.

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery is a well-known manufacturer in the domestic crusher industry which is including hammer crusher and cone crusher. The jaw crusher produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery has significant advantages used in the mine ore, coal, metallurgy and chemical industry. The crushing technology of the jaw crusher in the metal and the nonmetal field is very advanced. The adjustment of the Hongxing jaw crusher is very convenient, which is easily to achieve the automation. The new crusher equipment uses the wedge adjustment. The mechanical adjustment can be used to adjust the crusher machine at any time. The hydraulic adjustment can help the crusher equipment achieve the automatic control. You can achieve the adjustment and the pretension of the moving jaw only by touching the button.

Fifth, the jaw crusher uses the professional mechanical design software design. From the modeling of the parts to the structural analysis, the whole process of the design is fully designed. The kinetic analysis is full, which can effectively make use the materials.

Sixth, the jaw crusher uses the new kinematics design, which combines with the suitable rotation speed of the crusher so that the moving jaw of the jaw crusher can get greater stroke.

Third, the new jaw crusher uses the bearing with the same size, which has the larger size and the longer service life that the crusher equipment with the same specification. The maintenance time of the moving jaw assembly can be shortened, which can extend the circle of the replacement of the bearing.

Forth, the integral motor installation can reduce the installation space and the length of the V-belt. The motor and the crusher can move at the same time, which can extend the service life of the V-belt.


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