_tungsten jig enrichment separator

Detailed Product Description

1) High recovery rate

2) Large treatment capacity

3) water-saving & low power

4) seaworthy & durable

5) high efficiency


LTA1010/2 jig machine belongs to double rooms under the single plug-fuse type. It makes use of water as medium, and separates according to the proportion of the gangue minerals (density). It is the beneficiation equipment.


LTA1010/2 jig machine does the sine wave motion. It has the advantage of high recover, large capacity of treatment, continuous work .


Widely used in processing tungsten, tin, antimony, mercury, alluvial gold deposits, manganese ore, barites, fluorite, lapis lazuli, ore, pyrite, limonite and ore dressing and hematite etc all kinds of smelting slag metal recycling.

White Tungsten ore beneficiation
White Tungsten ore is concentrated by gravity separation comnined with floatation separation or only floatation separation according to the ore dip-drying characteristics while some White Tungsten ore needs pre-beneficiation like the beneficiation factoru in King Island,flotation cell Australia. There Uv fluorescent is adopted to remove the 50% of waste stones, and the grade will be lower than the tailings discharged from the beneficiation factory with the tungsten recovery is 90-96% &the treatment capacity is 30-40t/h.
The sulfide ore is usually mixed in the white ore bed with the molybdenite especially common.During the beneficiation, sulfide ore will be beneficiated by floatation sepatation, and then the white tungsten will be floatated then. The floatation of the white tungsten is is done in alkaline medium. Na2CO3 and NaOH will be used to improve the Ph of the pulp to 9-10.5. sodium silicate, quebracho juice,mineral flotation tannin, kinds of phosphate will work as inhibitor. oleic acid, sodium oleate,flotation cells process tall oil, oxidized paraffin wax soap will be used as collector with its own frothingcapacity while most of them needs no blowing agent when working.
White Tungsten ore has great floatable ability. It is usually is included in the calciam-bearing ores like calcite, fluorite, phosphorite, which makes the floatation separation sophisticated. Multi-chemical-valence metal salts like FeSO4 will be added to sodium silicate to improve the floatation efficiency of the white tungsten.
To improving the pulp temprature is another way to improve the floatation efficiency. Petrov method is to desorb the collector on the calcite to floatate the white tungsten by by making the pulp temprature up to 70-90 degrees and adding large quantity of sodium silicate.
There are not too many white tungaten beneficiation factory in China to accupy 5% of the tungsten beneficiation. The white tungsten beneficiation factory in Baoshan, Dangping, used oleic acid as collector and refined by Pstrov method and latter, the collector has been changed to oxidized paraffin wax soap of 731 which is vice-product of petrolium industry with its large resource & low price. Additionally, the pulp needs no heating and the floatation efficiency wil be great in normal circomstance.
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