To Conduct the Rectification of Crusher Machine

Restricted by the development history, industrial level and other related factors, the overall market environment, technology level, equipment operation and management of mining crusher in China is still lagging behind. Take example of sand and gravel aggregate processing industry, the technology of some important equipment such as Hydraulic cone crusher and Impact crusher is relatively backward.
The relatively backward overall level of crusher has a close relationship to the long-term disorderly exploitation in mining ; people only paid attention to the rapid growth of the economy so that over-development caused irreversible damaged to the environment, while the crusher industry in order to supply equipment for market also made little efforts on innovation, resulting in slow development of China crusher technical level.Since 2009, the Chinese government has increased efforts to rectify the mining industry, and promote mine operation to move to large-scale and modern production methods, which led to quarry practitioners not only pay attention to product quality, production capacity and efficiency, but also raise the level in safety, environmental protection and other aspects. It gives Zhengzhou Hongxing Machinery Co. enormous opportunities for development.With China mining industry towards large-scale and modern direction, crusher industries will also take actively adjustment to conform to the development needs of the market. Over the past 15 years, Zhengzhou Hongxing Machinery Co., unswervingly adhered to technological innovation, researched and developed a series of large-scale crushing and screening equipment, such as a large jaw crusher, large-scale counterattack impact crusher machine, large hydraulic cone crusher machine, etc, providing a strong support for mining industry rectification.

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