To Adjust the Aeration Rate from Four Aspects


Flotation machine is mainly used for the sorting of copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold and other non-ferrous metals as well as the rough flotation and selection of the ferrous metals and non-metallic metals. In the routine use of flotation separator, increasing the aeration rate within a certain range can greatly improve the production capacity of the Flotation machine and improve the flotation index. There are many factors that affect the inflatable amount of flotation machine. The following is the way to adjust the aeration rate from several aspects.
1.The quality of the pulp has a great impact on the inflated amount and dispersion degree. Under normal circumstances, if the mass fraction of slurry is increased within certain limits, the inflatable volume and the dispersion degree are also increased. But the quality scores can not be too large, too large inflatable amount will bring the worse result.
2.The feeding amount of the slurry. When the amount of slurry that is fed into the center of the impeller is optimum, the amount of air is maximum. If the feeding amount of the slurry is large within a certain range, the centrifugal force generated when the slurry is thrown out is also large, the vacuum that is formed in the negative pressure zone is high, increasing the aeration rate. But if the feeding amount of the slurry is excessive, the pulp will block the air tube above the impeller, causing breathing difficulties and reducing the inflated amount.
3.The gap between the impeller and the cover. The size of the gap directly affects the aeration rate. If the gap is too large, the slurry will roll to the rear side of the blade from the front side of the blade, reducing the degree of vacuum of the rear side of the blade and decreasing the aeration rate; if the gap is too small, the impeller and the cover plate is prone to occur impact and friction and the inflatable amount declines. It is proved that the appropriate clearance is 6 to 8 mm.
4.The rotational speed of the impeller. Within a certain range, the greater the rotational speed of the impeller is, the greater the amount of aeration amount will be.But if the speed is too large, the cover of the impeller will get worn quickly, power consumption will increase and slurry surface will be unstable.

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