The Role of Crusher in Crushing Solid Waste

Garbage crusher, as the name implies, is used to crushing abandoned garbage. Because it is in dealing with large-scale waste materials and has features of high crushing efficiency, low maintenance costs, and packaged waste compression volume, which makes the transport process more convenient, so it’s a good helper for treatment of municipal solid waste and welcomed by more and more people.
  With the rapid economic development and the improvement of people’s living standard, more and more municipal solid waste has been generated. Garbage not only occupies the land resources, but also can cause a great deal of pollution on the environment or, worse, cause a great security risk. For the treatment of municipal solid waste, garbage crusher effect is very good, especially the application of new technologies on the crusher greatly enhanced the work efficiency and production capacity of the equipment, so that get  development of municipal solid waste processing technology and processing power.    Based on the important role of garbage crusher in the processing of municipal solid waste, and more and more garbage crusher types like roll crusher, impact crusher and so on, it is particularly important to choose the right garbage crusher. The choice can be according to the following principles: comprehensive consideration of the design capacity and existing processing capacity; according to the nature and size of the garbage to be crushed; based on the principles of environmental pollution; choose whether need to add a protective device according to the flammable material in the garbage. Garbage crusher is shearing crusher, the main part of the crusher are body, knife / fixed knife, bearing / seal, knife shaft, rack hopper.

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