The Proper Copper Ore Beneficiation Process

Copper is one of the mineral ore that be discovered and used early by human, it is with purple color, specific gravity of 8.89 and melting point of 1083.4 ° C. Copper and its alloys are widely in mining industry used due to their good conductivity and thermal conductivity, strong corrosion resistance, easy processing, good tensile strength and fatigue strength, becoming the dispensable basis material and strategic materials in people’s livelihood and national defense projects, even in high-tech fields.
Currently, the main raw materials of smelting copper mineral are chalcopyrite, chalcocite, bornite and malachite. According to smelting technical condition, we can divide copper ore into three natural types according to the proportion of copper oxide and copper sulfide, i.e. sulfide ores, which contains copper oxide less than 10%; oxide ore, which contains copper oxide greater than 30% and mixed ore, which contains copper oxide of 10% to 30%. Copper mineral raw materials have the following characteristics: 1) copper minerals raw materials that suitable for smelting production are stored in a variety of deposit types. Among them, deposits that with important mining value include magmatic copper-nickel sulfide deposits, porphyry copper deposits, skarn copper and polymetallic deposits, hydrothermal vein type copper deposits, volcanic – sedimentary massive sulphide type copper deposit, layered sedimentary deposits. 2) Ore has complex texture and structure and uneven dissemination size. 3) Ore has diverse chemical composition and complex smelting conditions, containing variety of associated or symbiotic beneficial or harmful components. Currently, the majority of the developed mines belong to integrated copper deposit, associating with a variety of beneficial or harmful elements. Through comprehensive mining and utilization, waste can be turned into treasure. Copper ore beneficiation process is crushing – milling – grading – flotation – featured selection. Copper ore processing plant has been the focus of Hongxing company, we developed full series selected equipment for copper mine production, including the stages of crushing, milling, screening and selection, meeting customer needs on each kinds of dressing production line.

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